Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download and REVIEWS– EPSON PLQ-20M is a better understanding of the idea of the point of the delivery grid. impressive administration begins with having the best management tools. Impressive administration begins with top management systems.

fast data rate exchange

The PLQ-20 series of 24 pins is fast and further flexible, with print speeds up to 480 cps, fast paper flow that gives you a chance to get much more refined in a short period of time. the end result speeds are enhanced with an array of the useful astute sheet, intelligent printhead change and planned district site features that will allow the issue of free delivery, it means increased profitability and greater customer loyalty and reduced costs, however.


The PLQ-20 arrangement printers are absolutely not just your best alternative to create notebooks, flexibility, moreover, adapt to different printing needs. One of the few points of interest in the PLQ-20 agreement is the ability to print on media that can be used in the context of budgetary organizations and divisions of government. They also incorporate high as passbook 2. 6mm strong, controlling a slide account, visa, photos, receipts, tickets and various other authority files. In addition, many options are many to meet different business needs, integrating coherent for paper, cut sheets, and the print name. The units are also multi-core dual delivery with 1 + 6 recreates creation of carbon for archiving information and also copies.

Reliability you can count on

The PLQ-20 arrangement printers are positively not only fast, they can be particularly strong. Worked to last, these powerful units perform reliably in small noisiest situations business. They have an exceptionally average volume, including the disappointment (MVBF) of its disconcerting 7000 lines! This is further enhanced by the high average length before the disappointment (MTBF) of 10,000 hours of power life plus a copy of the head during fashion 400000 / wire. The PLQ-20 24-pin arrangement is fast and flexible, with printing steps up to 480 cps, rapid paper throughput that allows you to be much more refined in a short time.

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download

  • Windows
  • Windows Server
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download FOR WINDOWS

Windows 10 32-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 8.1 32-bit
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 8 32-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows XP 32-bit
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download FOR WINDOWS SERVER

Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 32-bit
Windows Server 2008 64-bit
Windows Server 2003 32-bit
Windows Server 2003 64-bit

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download FOR MAC OS X

Mac OS X 10.11.x
Mac OS X 10.10.x
Mac OS X 10.9.x
Mac OS X 10.8.x
Mac OS X 10.7.x
Mac OS X 10.6.x
Mac OS X 10.5.x

Epson PLQ-20M Driver Download FOR LINUX


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